Thursday, January 15, 2009

And So It Begins...

Like many Warcraft players, I spend a significant amount of time outside of the game thinking about it. As an aging English major, I tend to get my jollies outside of Azeroth by reading various blogs and forum posts. I prefer to leave the number crunching and spreadsheets to the math majors and people who can count past 10. As a result of this, everytime I start a new class I generally spend a good amount of time reading up on it, on how the various specs function in raids, on the different experiences people have had with it, etc.

Shortly after getting into raiding (back when you could still get tier 2 out of Molten Core) I trolled the now-defunct Death and Taxes forums for tips on how to get the most out of my holy paladin. When I switched to a prot warrior for BC raiding I fell in love with TankSpot and it's various blogs. Now that WotLK has come upon us, I've finally made good on a pre-BC promise to reroll my paladin as a shaman. Shortly after hitting 80 and respeccing to resto I was surprised to find that there are surprisingly few good resto shaman blogs on the web. Sure there's occasionally a guest post on World of Matticus or the rare meaty resto theory post on WoW Insider, but even the ElitistJerks forums are painfully dry when it comes to good, quasi-anecdotal, resto shaman content.

So that's my goal for this blog. To create a place that is dedicated to all things resto shaman, from what gear to choose for what fight to reasons why we put up with having to constantly drop totems on trash.

But before we begin: a little about me.

I've been playing WoW since day 7 or 8. I began my career as a paladin on the Ner'zhul realm. I leveled from 1-60 full holy (mostly because I hadn't noticed the tabs for the other two trees) banking entirely on the Crusader seal bug (it raised your attack speed and power without lowering it with every hit, I could out-dps rouges with it no problem). Amidst all the crappy blue gear and constant combat in Hillsbrad I managed to find a raiding guild that I ran with all the way until Naxxramas. Around the 4H wall I took a break from raiding and switched sides with some friends, leveling a tauren prot warrior. I took him to a variety of different servers, eventually pushing through all of BC raid content (except for Kil'jaeden, never got to kill him for some reason) and learning a valuable lesson about the social side of the game. Realizing that my quest for purples and progression had left me drained and bitter, I fled back to my home: Ner'zhul, where I leveled my current love, my resto shaman.

Right now I'm working on finding a more solid raid position that works with my work schedule and spending most of my time filling the ubiquitous 'PUG healer in a guild run' role.

And now, onto the show!

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